From stunning modern, tropical architecture to well-crafted interior made of the best wood, with eco-friendly, water-based finishing. Each cabin is designed to be suitable for guests to have a familiarity interaction in a cozy spacious living area. What an ideal place for families or groups with the same interests and hobbies.


Located in Wonotoro, Sukapura in Probolinggo, East Java, Java Banana Bromo is situated in 2000meters above the sea-level, in breezy mountainuous tropical climate around 14–180°C during daylight and 6–100°C at night.


In the vicinity of Bromo, you will get a beautiful insight and experience the fresh and airy breeze of the mountain. The lofty pinnacle creates its majestic views of spectacular sunrise at the crack of dawn, as well as watching the sun disappears behind the back of the mountain by sunset.

Watching the stars glimmering over the clear night sky accompanied by your choice of favorite hot drinks will leave you a memorable experience.


Your dream of peaceful and pleasant weekend or holiday is in our lodge, either for individuals, company outing, or together with your family or groups’ interests.

The group lodge accomodate in large capacity for 9 adults in 6 bunk beds with natural latex. Equipped with fireplace, cable television and hot shower to make your stay more enjoyable. Furnished with dining table, pantry, cooking utensils with gas stove.

Our individual lodge equipped with cable television and LCD monitor, hot shower and toilet with hygienic eco-jet washer system. Every room furnished with natural latex bed. Other additional fixtures depend on type of room.


We can arrange for small meetings, family gathering, arisan, birthday party. Equipped with unplug music, playground and barbeque party outdoor